Cottage Cheese Breakfast Crepes

No visit to Paris is complete without visiting a crêperie. Crêpes are everywhere - served as meals, desserts, takeaways, with stuffings ranging from mushrooms to nutella.

I've had crêpes before in North America, but not since dumping the gluten... and to me, a crêpe was basically a skinny pancake in which you wrap whatever. I even had the unfortunate experience of having ice cream stuffed into a sweet "crepe" deep-fried once - let's not even get into how brutal that is from a nutritional standpoint.

But I decided, ok let's live a little and have some local crêpes. I gave the waitress the sans gluten request (which worked out fine as this place used buckwheat flour for the non-sweet ones anyway), and was ready to give it a go. 

I ordered a mushroom crêpe... and what I got blew my mind. First of all - it is NOT a pancake wrapped around a stuffing. The consistency of the meal was almost like a very delicate omelette with a crunchy shell. There was physically no way to separate the "wrapping" portion from the stuffing. So I started asking and investigating how crêpes are made, which was easy to do because many little booths make them in front of your eyes. Surprise surprise, the stuffing is cooked into the crêpe right away, not separately and wrapped! So the final flavour isn't overwhelmingly bready! 

Now when trying to re-create the magic at home, I perused through some French websites and pretty much "borrowed" general ideas from a bunch of them to bring you these French-inspired breakfast  crêpes. You can stuff them with anything you want. I did a cottage cheese stuffing because being back from the trip, I still need to pick up some groceries. But rest assured, I will be putting up more stuffing ideas in the nearby future. 

Cottage Cheese Breakfast Crêpes

This recipe yielded 4 crêpes. 

 For the base
1. 1 1/4 cups buckwheat flour
2. 5 egg whites (or 3 eggs)
3. 1 1/2 cup milk
4. 1/2 cup water
5. Pinch of salt and oil for skillet. 

For cottage cheese stuffing
1. 3/4 cup strained cottage cheese
2. 1/4 cup egg white
3. 1 clove garlic
4. Spices of choice - I threw in oregano, salt + pepper

Note: I found a rubber spatula to be absolute KEY to flip these bad boys without tearing them
1. Pre-heat 12' skillet to super sizzling hot and coat with oil
2. Mix the base ingredients thoroughly
3. Pour 1/4 of mixture over the pan and tilt it around for a thin even coating. Cook until the bottom is crisped and you can flip it over
4. Flip the crêpe, and spread some stuffing over half of it. Cook for a couple of minutes until you see the cheese is melted. Fold in half, flip (like an omelette)
5. Fold in half again if you want and enjoy the deliciousness!!!


  1. These sound incredible! I love buckwheat but my kids don't love buckwheat pancakes- the flavor is too strong. I bet they would like the lighter buckwheat flavor of crepes.Can't wait to try this!

  2. Hey Andi! Thank you for your kind words! Yes buckwheat can be a bit strong. You can try subbing with oat flour maybe? The flavour is much milder