Tuscan Style Beef-Kale Soup!

Today, I had to drive to work in the middle of the night (so it was 6 am... but pitch black)... through the ice and snow, trying to warm up my fingers because it's already down to -14C (who knows what that's in F)... which made me think of this:

But also that it is absolutely soup weather! Soup soup soup! Hearty rich soup! A while ago I got a big bag of frozen kale that I am still trying to work through. It was meant to be my great kale experiment but to my utter disappointment the kale in the bag was crushed and most of my recipes call for full leaves... so I've been trying to work through it via kale smoothies and whatnot.

Getting to the point: it's SOUP TIME! I am giving the "fast prep" instructions BUT don't forget I believe there is nothing more satisfying than throwing this all into the crock pot, going to work and coming back to a hearty rich bowl that will put a big smile on your face!!

So I give you: 

Tuscan-Style Beef and Kale Soup 

1. 1.5 lb lean ground beef
2. 1/2 big rutabaga (about 1 cup of cubes)
3. 3 cups chopped kale
4. 3 cups chicken broth
5. 3 cups water
6. 2 cloves of garlic
7. Salt/pepper
8. 1/2 cup greek yogurt (add in the very end)
9. Optional: 1/8 cup Frank's red hot sauce (gives it an awesome extra

1. Toss ground beef into a pan with a bit of olive oil - cook it through and drain it.
2. In a pot bring chicken broth and water to a boil with salt/pepper, rutabaga
and garlic (which you minced at this point) until you can easily stab rutabaga with a fork.
3. Throw cooked beef into pot, simmer for 10 minutes 
4. Add kale, greek yogurt and frank's red hot. Simmer for additional 5 minutes until kale has mushied a little.
5. Enjoy the cold with a big bowl of soup!!!


Pre-cook beef and crock on high for 3 hours

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